Eco Globe

Eco Globe is an environmental organization that provides reliable and factual information about the local and global ecology, the balance between human activities and environmental factors, and other related issues. The main objective of our organization is to present information that do not just aim to protect the natural systems of the world, but also provide tangible social and economic benefits for the people.

In order to accomplish these goals, we publish articles and news covering a wide range of topics and issues. These include: human rights, forests and biodiversity, food sovereignty, economic justice, climate justice and energy renewability, environmental sustainability, and many others. By creating an online resource that engages writers across the world to discuss environmental concerns and issues, we hope to connect and empower readers no matter where they are located to start taking the first steps toward sustainable change.

What We Do

Eco Globe publishes articles and news presenting information which may help create solutions in the campaign to strike a balance between economic activities and environmental sustainability. We challenge the existing model that is primarily based on the belief that development will always come with the dire cost of environmental degradation. Instead, we put forward a compelling argument for collective action and worldwide campaigns to raise public awareness.

The articles we publish are meant to provide information about a wide range of issues, ranging from environmental problems, climate change, food and agriculture to concerns about social justice. We believe that every voice counts, which is why we accept articles from contributors coming from a wide range of industries and disciplines. After all, it is only when people are able to see things from multiple perspectives that they understand the immensity of the entire picture.

Why We Do It

The team behind Eco Globe has always believed in the importance of inspiring people to connect with and to take affirmative action to preserve the delicate balance between the environment and economic growth. We believe that sustainability and environmental commitment are not antithetical to the goals of economic development and may be integrated efficiently into project plans and designs.

Our message is one that is rooted in the ideals of personal development and empowerment. By publishing articles and news that conform to these beliefs, we stand up for just and sustainable solutions to global economic concerns. We also hope that our actions and our publications motivate and inspire the old and young alike to be more concerned about the issues that are affecting their daily lives.

Vision and Mission

Eco Globe aims to be a reliable resource for people who wish to know more about the scientific evidence, business practices, and policy options that affect environmental diversity and sustainability. We are guided by the necessity of striking a harmonious balance between the principles of prosperity and environmental stewardship. We believe that it is possible to be socially just, environmentally sustainable, and economically prosperous all at the same time. We hope that our publications will help build an exciting movement driven by people who are passionate as we are about economic prosperity and environmental sustainability.