About Us

Eco Globe is an organization that provides people with valuable information about the local and global ecology, which includes how human activities affect nature. They aim to provide a positive impact on society through environmental efforts by providing practical benefits for everyone.

The goal of our organization is to create an online network for people who want to engage in social and environmental justice. We do this by publishing articles on a variety of topics, such as human rights, forests and biodiversity, economic justice etc., that discuss concerns related to the environment. Our aim with creating such a resource is connecting like-minded individuals from all over the world so they can take steps toward sustainable change together.

What We Do

Eco Globe is an online publication that presents research in order to help people understand how economic growth can be achieved while still preserving the environment. We argue against a system of development where environmental degradation comes with it, and instead put forward arguments for worldwide campaigns to raise public awareness.

We publish articles to provide information about a wide range of issues, ranging from environmental problems and climate change to social justice. It is only when people are able see things from multiple perspectives that they understand the immensity of the entire picture – this belief underpins our “acceptance” policy for article submissions (that does not mean we don’t have standards). Our authors come form all walks of life; some voices matter more than others but everyone’s perspective counts!

Why We Do It

Eco Globe is an organization who believes in the importance of connecting with people and taking action to preserve environmental balance. This can be done without compromising economic development goals, but rather integrating them efficiently into plans and designs.

We want to help people take charge and be in control of their lives and futures by teaching them how they can make a change. We hope our work motivates others, inspires action for global economic concerns, older generations included.

Vision And Mission

Eco Globe is an online magazine that aims to provide people with reliable information about the scientific evidence, business practices, and policy options affecting environmental diversity. We believe it’s possible to be socially just while being environmentally sustainable at the same time as economically prosperous.